mRNA Vaccines

mRNA technologies are the next big therapeutic modality with RNA based vaccines looking to have a major impact due to their shorter manufacturing times and greater effectiveness. This proves to be of more importance in this time of COVID-19, with the necessity to get an effective vaccine to the market at speed while ensuring regulatory and quality compliance.

As mRNA vaccines move through the clinic, we need to source cGMP facilities to safely bring these products to the market. We are working with clients today to bring these revolutionary medicines to the world. Contact us to discuss how we can support your teams to develop capacity for your clinical and commercial pipeline.

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Project Profiles
Capua BioServices, mRNA and Biologics Facility
DPS is executing a feasibility study for Capua BioServices for a manufacturing area that will allow them to enter in to the CDMO market for microbial parenteral biologic substances and mRNA vaccines production.
Confidential Client, Novel Vaccines Facility
DPS was contracted to develop a pre-concept (feasibility) design for a multi-product mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility, comprising Drug Substance (DNA template and mRNA Synthesis) and Fill Finish
United Kingdom
Moderna Therapeutics, Clinical Manufacturing Facility
DPS and TRIA (a DPS Group company) were engaged by Moderna to provide full EPCMV and architectural design services to complete its new 200,000 sf cGMP clinical manufacturing facility in Norwood, MA.
Moderna Therapeutics, GMP Manufacturing Facility Retrofit
Moderna is a leader in the development of messenger RNA therapeutics. The company recently acquired a 13,000 sf space to expand their existing operations.
Pfizer, COVID Vaccine Readiness Project
To answer the global COVID-19 pandemic Pfizer expanded its Fill & Finish capacity at their site in Puurs. DPS supported Pfizer with multiple sub-projects.
Private: Samsung, mRNA and Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Suite
DPS was commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for a new mRNA and plasmid manufacturing suite in a facility in South Korea.
Wacker Biotech, mRNA Production & Microbial Process Development Laboratory
Wacker Biotech is a contract manufacturer of therapeutic proteins, vaccines and live microbial products. Their Amsterdam GMP manufacturing facility intends to expand its mRNA production capacity and redesign their process development laboratory.