From expertly designed facilities and regulatory knowledge to constructing a new laboratory facility or redesigning an existing space for a new therapy, DPS Group puts your needs first so that you, in turn, can produce high-quality, leading-edge therapies, on time, and within budget. Learn how we can help you with your novel therapy facility.

Novel therapy facilities
Novel therapies are revolutionizing the treatment of diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, and various ge- netically inherited conditions. We at DPS truly understand the challenges you face with the manufacturing of your advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP).
mRNA vaccine facilities
Careful and upfront planning is critical to understanding the considerations and requirements of an RNA facility. Whether pre-clinical or commercial manufacturing, DPS Group Global will help identify and design the essential requirements for your GMP facility.
Cell therapy facilities
Whether you are looking to commercialize the next autologous or allogeneic cell ther- apy, CAR-T, or stem, DPS Group Global’s experienced Process Architects and Engi- neers will create a best-in-class design fit for ‘your process’ development and manu- facturing facility.
Gene therapy facilities
DPS Group Global has been designing gene therapy facilities since the first gene ther- apy revolution in the late 1990s, bringing vast experience and expertise to the suc- cessful delivery of clinical and commer- cial facilities for our clients over the years.
Microbiome therapies facilities
With multiple microbiome-based can- didates in early-phase pre-clinical and clinical development, there is a growing demand for manufacturing capacity suit- able for the production of live biotherapeu- tic products (LBP’s). DPS Group Global can support your teams with manufacturing facility feasibility planning and execution.
Exosome therapeutics facilities
Exosome therapeutics are a new biother- apeutic class that uses the body’s natural cellular communication mechanisms to deliver specific messages to help restore normal function to unhealthy cells. DPS Group Global has been privileged to design exosome therapeutic facilities to support our clients at the forefront of these new therapies.
Oligonucleotide facilities
Molecular-targeted agents employing chem- ically synthesized oligonucleotides for pa- tient therapeutics are an emerging market experiencing rapid growth and development worldwide. Whether anti-sense oligonucle- otides, short interfering RNA (siRNA) and microRNA, aptamers, or CpG oligos, DPS Group Global has vast experience with the design and implementation of oligonucle- otide facilities.
Viral vector therapies
DPS Group has the experience required to create and execute a viral vector manufacturing strategy. From synchronizing technical, quality, and operational considerations based on the current product lifecycle phase, to anticipating future program and regulatory requirements. Contact us to discuss your viral vector facility project today
Vaccine therapies
DPS Group has vast experience designing and constructing vaccine manufacturing facilities, including live vaccine products, spore former products, and mRNA vaccine technology. Contact us to discuss your vaccine facility project today.
CAR-T cell therapies
DPS is at the forefront of CAR-T facility design with experience in technology assessment, automation, and regulatory compliance and can support the planning, design, and construction of your clinical phase or commercial CAR-T manufacturing facility. Contact us today for your CAR-T facility project.
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