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Microbiome Therapy

Who would have thought that microbiome targeted therapies would have become such a major focus in drug development? With multiple microbiome-based candidates in early-phase pre-clinical and clinical development, there is a growing demand for manufacturing capacity suitable for the production of live biotherapeutic products (LBP’s). The importance of appropriately designed facilities to ensure effective conditions for scale-up and manufacture of these LPBs cannot be underestimated as part of an overall market access strategy.

DPS has been privileged to work with companies developing these live biotherapeutic products and can support your teams with their manufacturing facility feasibility planning and execution, call us today.

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Project Profiles
Arranta Bio, Microbiome Manufacturing Facility
DPS Group and TRIA provided design services for the renovation and fit-out of a former warehouse space into an 80,000SF cGMP development and manufacturing facility for novel therapies targeting diseases linked to the human microbiome.
Evelo Biosciences, Microbiome Clinical Manufacturing Facility
DPS was engaged by Evelo Biosciences to aid in realizing a new Microbiome Clinical Manufacturing Suite.
Seres Therapeutics, Laboratory and Clinical Manufacturing Facility
This project was a fit-out of approximately 85,000 sf of cGMP pilot plant, laboratory, and office space at 200 Sidney Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.