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Our People

Structure and process play their part in engineering but at DPS we think business is personal, so we engineer everything around you. Productive partnerships thrive on good rapport. We place great emphasis on rapid response and effective communication. Response to us isn’t just about speed; it’s about giving you accurate, reliable information and ideas that you can act upon and trust.

With DPS, your projects are in safe hands. Always.

Joe Kane

Director Dublin Operations

Aiden O’ Dwyer

Director Cork Operations

Barak Newman

Director Israel Operations

Barry Weisscher

Director Business Development Europe

Gary O'Brien

Director of Business Development Ireland and UK

Alain Ruys

Director Belgium Operations

Martijn Timmer

Director Leiden Operations

Michael Bocchini

Vice President, Technical Services Operation

Jim Grunwald

Senior Vice President, US Business Development

Mark White

Group Technical Manager

Indu Conley

Department Manager, Process

Marianne O'Sullivan

Director CQV, Europe Projects

Kevin Fenton

Managing Director, ATG

Pat Flynn

Senior Pharmaceutical Engineer, Small Molecule API facilities

Jeff Gerstein

Senior Director, CQV

Richard Casey

Director Ireland/Europe Operations

Eddie Bolger

Senior Project Manager

Jimmy Boylan

Virtual Design and Construction Manager

Carl Bradbury

Senior Director, Construction Management

Mike Cushen

Director Contract Services, Ireland

Louis De Courcy

Senior Information Technology Specialist

Ray Foley

Director of Engineering and Technology

Matt Hubbs

Director, Project Management

Paul DePriest

Senior Vice President, Boston Project Operations

Barry O'Sullivan

Vice President, Business Development

Ger O’Sullivan

Group BIM Manager

Marybeth Park

Manager of Procurement & Subcontracts

Eric Schwartz

Lead Process Engineer

Mike Sheehan

Senior Project Manager

Peter Booman

Director of Contract Services, The Netherlands

Mark Pritty

Director, Contract Services UK

Werner Greyling

Vice President, US Operations

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