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The DPS Lean Construction Services Team leads the way in improving project costs and delivery through our Productivity Improvement Programs. Our Team has delivered comprehensive productivity evaluations and improvement services to our Clients for many years.

Our Productivity Improvement Program has been successfully designed and implemented to reduce impacts to project schedule and improve workforce productivity. Our mission is simple – to improve our Clients margins by increasing efficiency.

Our Services

  • Direct Observation
  • Last Planner®
  • Lean Training
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Director Ireland/Europe Operations
Richard Casey

Richard is a Senior Lean Construction Productivity Manager with DPS. Richard has over 20 years’ experience in the global Semiconductor High Volume Manufacturing and Construction Sectors completing Project Management, Systems Design and Lean Program Implementation.

Richard has significant experience in lean principles implementation of productivity systems and structure for manufacturing and construction as well as extensive experience in developing productivity improvement systems to reduce waste and eliminate impacts from design through to commissioning for large capital projects.

Richard is author of a number of papers on ‘People Development’ and has published his own book on goal setting and problem solving techniques for new managers. Richard has developed Trade productivity improvement systems such as the Daily Milestone tracker (DMT), Constraint Log Implementation and Last Planner® for tracking and managing large scale project progress.