MSD, Tissue Culture Boxmeer Expansion

This project allows MSD to expand the tissue culture production facility for their vaccine production operations in Boxmeer the Netherlands.
About this project

This project is to allow MSD to expand the Tissue Culture production facility for their Vaccine production operations in Boxmeer the Netherlands.

The current Tissue Culture Boxmeer facility was built in 2012. There is still an empty part within the existing building shell, which will be fit out under this investment.

Project scope

The (TCB3) expansion project includes: EU-GMP facility; tissue culture production with roller bottles (RB) and single use bioreactors (SUB) and purification systems; complex production processes with high flexibility; viral and parasitological antigens as active components for veterinary vaccines (no poultry), BSL 2. The aim is to accommodate future growth in 2021 by expansion of 4 operations areas in an existing facility.

Key attributes:

A SUB area will be created in the warehouse part of the existing facility. The scope of work contains the following functionalities.

Cleanroom (in empty building shell):

  • 1 large RB clean room (grade A/B), with LAF area; 2 incubator rooms; material air lock; personal air locks; 2 decontamination autoclaves + ready for SUB operation; 1 small RB clean room equal to the large RB clean room; 1 VHP kitchen; 2 Equipment storage rooms; technical floor; automation in BAS and EMS system for the cleanrooms.

SUB area (in warehouse part of existing facility):

  • 2 SUB areas; technical floor; replacing the HVAC for the current offices (at technical floor); automation in BAS and EMS system for the SUB areas.

In terms of equipment the following items familiar by MSD are foreseen:

  • 2 decontamination autoclaves; operational equipment (roller bottle cars, etc.); utility equipment (chillers HVAC, etc.; lab equipment (pH, counters, etc.).

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