Pfizer, New Sterile Vaccine Fill Finish Facility

DPS executed engineering, design and procurement for a new 5,000 sq.m vial fill finish facility at Pfizer Puurs, Belgium.

Location: Belgium
Sector: Pharmaceutical

About This Project

DPS executed  engineering, design and procurement for a new 5,000 sq.m  vial fill finish facility at Pfizer Puurs, Belgium. This facility was designed to produce over 50 million vials a year of a vaccine product. The facility is a standalone segregated facility with scope for expansion to accommodate future vaccine products and was designed for a cold chain product to facilitate the filling of single dose and multi-dose vials in a high speed isolated filling line. DPS also provided key project resources through the construction, commissioning and verification phase.


Some of the key attributes of the facility were:

  • Low cost of goods achieved through lean facility design
  • High volumes (> 80M vials per annum) ; maximise use of process modelling to ensure optimal equipment sizing and cycle time
  • Flexibility to manage change in demand and mix of single and multi-dose
  • Challenging process; investigations on manufacturing strategy ongoing through the design
  • Balance of Segregation and Integration with existing site
  • Automation – fully integrated automation system  and MES
  • Expandability
  • Sustainability – energy efficiency and operational strategy were early phase considerations
  • Aggressive Schedule – 18 months from start of construction to product batches
  • ASTM E2500 Verification Strategy

The installation included a multi-vessel formulation suite and isolated filling line with automated materials handling system as well as all standalone clean utilities and tie in to existing black utility systems.

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