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MSD Global Engineering Services (GES) Safety Awards 2021

Monday 29 November 2021

At the GES Safety Awards meeting in 2021, the EMEA/AP Region was awarded the “Best Region” from MSD Global Engineering Solutions.

This recognises the contribution of the DPS teams in Ballydine, Brinny and Boxmeer to this region. The award for;

“Exemplary Leadership in Safety Excellence, applying safety best practices and innovative approaches in a team environment, and achieving results that positively impacted the Craft, Project, Company and Community.” 

In addition to this award, the Waste Water Treatment Plant Project in Brinny was also selected as “Best (Runners Up) Medium Project”.

DPS Cork operation recently surpassed 1,250,000 construction hours on MSD Brinny projects without a LTA (Lost time accident). This milestone has been reached across four separate projects, over a three year period. The milestone is a direct result of the hard work and professionalism applied by both DPS EHS and DPS construction personnel, aided by the continuing compliance and cooperation of our contractor partners.

The achievement is even more commendable given the complexity and the restrictive location of the latter projects. MSD as a client has also contributed significantly to this success by continuing to work closely with DPS in enabling and fostering a safety culture that puts the “worker at centre”.

This is an important acknowledgement of DPS at the highest level in MSD and reflects very well on our safety culture and performance. 

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