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DPS Advanced Technology Group deliver Last Planner® Training

Tuesday 09 February 2016

If you’ve heard of Lean Construction, you’ve more than likely heard of The Last Planner® System (LPS). Don’t worry if you haven’t. DPS ATG’s Kevin Hallahan, our Last Planner® Lead can give you all the information required to understand this system. Kevin and his team travelled to our Client site in Kiryat Gat, Israel to train our new employees on The Last Planner® System for our client project. Our highly trained personnel have successfully implemented Last Planner® on our client’s projects since early 2014. LPS is a scheduling control system for managing construction projects. The system produces predictable workflow and facilitates rapid learning. The key benefit in implementing LPS is it produces maximum value to the client by eliminating waste caused by unpredictable workflow.

In Israel, our team are at a forming stage of the project and are continuing to ramp up their workforce. The team are completely committed to the manufacturing equipment de-installation project as well as the preliminary installation work that is currently in progress. The implementation of the Last Planner® System on this project is in it’s infancy, however it just shows that no matter the stage a construction project is at, there is always room for continuous improvement while striving to implement and follow the Lean principles that make DPS Advanced Technology Group a leader in the field of Lean Construction. The best way for training to be effective in any environment is to first and foremost, Listen to the Customer. This approach is vital to supporting the successful delivery of the project so it was vital to understand where the need is and to give the project team key take-aways that would help them implement LPS from the very first session.

Kevin and his team spent 3 weeks working with the project team. They enabled the team to understand their roles and responsibilities within the LPS structure and more importantly, the team had begun to recognize the quantity of scope that they were tasked with delivering. They had actively commenced creating the phase schedule better known in LPS as Pull Plan training.

The project is not due to complete until 2018 so watch this space for further updates on our journey with The Last Planner® System implementation in Israel. For further information on our Lean offerings, please contact us at atg.lean@dpsgroupglobal.com

The Last Planner® System is a registered trademark and is licensed for use by the Lean Construction Institute (LCI). http://www.leanconstruction.org/training/the-last-planner/

Pictured above:  Kevin Hallahan presenting to some of the Israel team.

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