28 February 2022

The Irish construction sector is beginning to normalise the application of Lean thinking and practices for the design and delivery of capital projects. Read about DPS Group Global’s Advanced Technology Group’s utilization of a number of key lean techniques in Case 18 of Lean Construction Ireland’s Annual Book of Cases 2021 written by Richard Casey.

The Lean Construction Ireland (LCi) Annual Book of Cases – the first of its kind in the world – provides a significant knowledge and capability development repository of case studies from across the Irish construction sector that detail the implementation of Lean thinking, tools, and techniques in the design and delivery of capital projects as well as for internal operational excellence purposes. These cases demonstrate the proactive, pioneering, and progressive nature of these Irish construction sector organisations, both in terms of their adoption of lean and their alignment and integration of Lean with BIM, Digitalisation, Technology, and Sustainability.

DPS Group has previous case studies on Last Planner® System (LPS), Target Value Design (TVD), and Takt Planning published in the 2018, 2019, and 2020 LCi Annual Books of Cases respectively. DPS Group strives to be innovative in continuously improving its delivery methodologies.

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