Barry Starkman quoted in Pharma Manufacturing Magazine

18 July 2018

Barry Starkman, principal consultant with DPS Group was recently quoted in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine’s article “Shrinking Big Pharma- Why building smaller manufacturing plants is the next big thing” written by Meagan Parrish, Senior Editor of  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Barry is quoted as saying:

“In aseptic, simple is always better,” Barry Starkman, a principal consultant with DPS Group, explains. “The regulatory burden is always high. And for manufacturing, it comes down to dollars per square foot — $1,200-$1,500 per square foot adds up fast.”

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Barry Starkman is a Principal Consultant for parenteral manufacturing and facility design working from our Framingham, Boston office. Barry is a biopharmaceutical professional with over 30 years’ experience in large sterile manufacturing facility design, start up and operation and has held engineering and executive manufacturing leadership roles for Merck and Genentech in the USA. He has a unique mix of manufacturing, engineering and senior corporate leadership experiences which we believe provide real value and insight into the early phase design and implementation of sterile manufacturing facility projects and business processes. His experience includes vaccines and potent compounds. Barry was responsible for the development of the performance based exposure control limit program for potent pharmaceutical compounds at Merck. He was responsible for design and implementation of a number of significant high capacity state of the art, isolated sterile filling facilities for Merck and Genentech. Barry provides strategic planning, early project feasibility and pre-concept design consulting to DPS clients and internal teams in USA and EU as well as expert advice on operational excellence, lean design and operations and business improvements.