Lean at DPS Engineering

16 May 2017

Richard Casey is the Ireland and European Operations Manager for DPS Engineering’s Advanced Technology Group. Richard has over 20 years of experience on Global Tool Installation Construction projects within the semiconductor industry. He has degrees in Engineering and Management, as well as a Diploma in Project Management and a Higher Diploma in Executive Coaching. Richard is also a Green Belt in Lean.

As European Operations Manager for the Advanced Technology Group, Richard’s primary responsibility is to deliver the required systems, resources and structures to enable successful projects. Richard has expertise in breaking complex requirements into achievable goals and steering people in the right direction to achieve these.

Recently, Richard was interviewed by Irish Building Magazine about his LCI webinar on ‘Direct Observation – Increasing productivity by eliminating interrupts to Trades’, as well as on Lean practices in DPS. Read more here…Irish building magazine DPS Lean _ Issue 1 2017 Digital Edit.pdf