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Zachery Finegan, Process Architectural Designer

Where did you graduate from and what attracted you to DPS?

I studied for 2 years in central New York where I gained an Associate’s Degree in Architecture. I then studied for 5 years in Wentworth Institute of Technology for my master’s degree in Architecture. I wanted to stay in Boston and was referred to DPS by one of my professors. Finding work in the architectural community in the US is difficult and I was impressed that DPS was growing and moving in the right direction.

What have you learned since joining DPS?

At school I learned a lot about design concepts but at DPS I’ve gained experience in the real professional business world. My co-workers have helped me understand the process world, and my skills in terms of leadership and teamwork have really progressed.

What type of projects have you been working on at DPS?

Everything from small renovations to full buildings across a range of areas such as bio manufacturing, chromatology labs, R&D labs.

Where do you see your career going with DPS?

At the moment I’m a Process Architectural Designer and getting my full architectural licence and registration is on my radar. DPS has helped me to get the right type of experience necessary to build up my IPD hours. I see myself as taking up a 3D BIM management role with DPS in the future alongside gaining my full architectural registration and licensing.

What advice would you have for current graduates?

It’s really not a cliché to say that you have got to work hard and communicate well. Graduates need to be accommodating and show a degree of versatility in order to stand out in competitive fields; DPS does this very well. Being willing to learn new things at college is just the start of the learning curve. Once you get into the field absorb as much knowledge as you can from your colleagues.





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