Technical Services Operation (USA)

Our Approach

We choose our people carefully. They need to demonstrate leadership, agility, original thinking and prove their integrity. At DPS they learn to ask the right questions and earn – and re-earn – their reputation with clients. We have the ability to engage and support you with various ‘flexible’ resource models to match your exact needs.


We provide Client-side support specific to the life science industry across essentially 5 disciplines:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Quality and Scientific
  • Specialty Consultancy
  • CQV

See what we can offer candidates:

  • We support major biotech and pharmaceutical clients including AbbVie, Alexion, Genzyme, Sanofi, Shire, Lonza, Ipsen, Vertex, Moderna, uniQure, Pfizer, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb and more.
  • Examples of our core competencies include project managers, project engineers, process engineers, commissioning and validation engineers, MEP, plant engineers, automation/I&C engineers, quality specialists, and more.
  • We insist on giving premium support to our clients, so we look for candidates who are able to offer the right balance of technical acumen, understanding customer needs, and people skills.
  • We are committed to short-term and long-term investment in the continuous professional development of our personnel. 


See what we can offer clients:

  • A dedicated resource team of scientists and engineers with global access to network of resources.
  • A clued-up management team with previous experience working as clients, able to understand the 'unmet needs' of the business.
  • We use a proven resourcing model to assess the technical aptitude of resources to meet specific client business processes.
  • W2 employees who are fully invested in DPS not just for the assignment but for the future.
  • Various 'flexible' engagement models for contracts which are client focused and help to reduce on boarding, training and transition costs.

How we add value

We have the people you need. The engineers, the project managers, the specialists, the highly sought after. All with experience, and all driven by the DPS values. We deal with your every challenge, using our large and global network of experts, offering excellent support through regular communication.

Gerard Morgan

President, US Technical Services Operation

Michael Bocchini

Vice President, Technical Services Operation

Caroline Carmody

Vice President, Technical Services Operation

John Marr

Vice President, Technical Services Operation

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