The DPS global procurement team uses a scalable Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) services solution and networks to provide significant capital cost reductions, schedule predictability & on time delivery. DPS recognises a significant opportunity to deliver a cost effective and efficient GSCM solution for all our client’s needs.

  • 15% reduction in material costs via reuse program.
  • 30% reduction in supply chain errors.
  • Bespoke materials risk process for supply chain errors.
  • Global capacity and forecasting capability.
  • 100% RFT program for OFCI materials.
Services provided
DPS provides expert global procurement coverage across all sites.
Global management of material demand profile across selected specifications providing an ‘End to End’ solution.
Deliver best value for the client from a cost and schedule perspective.
Global visibility – Centralised demand collection and aggregation, procurement planning, procurement scheduling, procurement execution.
De-risk material procurement related issues from construction program critical paths.
Our innovative approach has reduced/eliminated excess inventory – global overview on excess material and ensure utilisation at demand centres.
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