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DPS ATG continuing to support our Irish Clients in implementing the Last Planner® System

Friday 05 August 2016

The DPS Last Planner® Team recently returned from Cork having supported one of our clients in rolling out the Last Planner® System on their new construction project. This is the LPS team’s second project with this client, and follows on the back of a very successful project completed at the beginning of this year. The training comprised of developing Pull Plans for specific parts of the construction and fit-out phases, as well as Last Planner® training for the new Trade Partners on site.

Building on the success of the previous LPS project, the DPS Construction Team lead by Ronan Boylan and Kevin Hallahan, our Last Planner® Program Owner, put a plan in place to transfer the lessons learned to mitigate risk in the new project. The sharing of information and lessons learned from our previous Last Planner® project is much easier to achieve as the system requires continuous data entry to track progress and identify risk. This information not only drives the project but also provides the platform for continuous improvement.

LPS is a scheduling control system for managing construction projects. The system produces predictable workflow and facilitates rapid learning. The key benefit in implementing LPS is it produces maximum value to the client by eliminating waste caused by unpredictable workflow.

For further information on how Last Planner® works or on how to implement the Last Planner® System on your construction project, contact our team directly:

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