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Engineers Ireland CPD Re-Accreditation Awarded to DPS Group

Monday 12 July 2021

In 2020, DPS Group committed to improving our continuing professional development (CPD) and performance management programmes by providing a people-centred approach to achieve our business strategy. By implementing a newly digitised performance management system, a seven pillar learning support strategy and integrating of our core values, our organisation aligned development with our business goals to create, drive and sustain an organisational leadership development capability.

The centralised structures aimed to achieve alignment across the business, ensuring KPIs were set, managed and achieved globally. Informed by our 5 Year Strategic Plan, our Annual Employee Survey and comprehensive analysis of current best practice Talent Attraction, Development and Retention initiatives, the CPD Committee began implementation in 2020. The supports continue to evolve through feedback and continuous improvement processes to achieve best practice development for all our employees.

As a testament to the significant investment made in CPD, DPS earned the maximum 3 Year CPD Accredited Employer Award from Engineers Ireland, following a robust Audit conducted in July 2021.

“All the signs are that the organisation has excellent, well integrated CPD systems, process and practices in place with clear evidence of top level and cross functional commitment to CPD. These systems are constantly reviewed and aligned to the organisational goals showing the strategic importance of CPD in achieving business objectives and benefits. 3 Year Award Granted”

Aidan O’Flaherty Engineers Ireland CPD Associate Director

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