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Construction in a GMP Qualified Environment

Thursday 28 June 2018

At the VCCN National Symposium Contamination Control on May 30th 2018, Joost van Raaij, Senior Project Manager with DPS, presented on construction in a GMP environment.

The many projects in the pharmaceutical industry involve the upgrading of or refurbishment of existing GMP facilities. Joost outlined a practical approach for completing such projects safely and successfully, addressing key factors such as maintaining a documented qualified state,  minimizing production interruption, safety, and predictability.

Find the presentation slides here

The VCCN is the Association of Contamination Control Netherlands. Its memeber are professionals workign in the semiconductor industry, life science, pharmaceutical and biochemical industries.

Joost is a senior project manager with extensive experience in design, procurement and construction of advanced facilities for the pharmaceutical,  biopharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Joost has a clear view on how to manage complex projects and is able to translate his vision in an overall project strategy that meets the needs of a client/business.

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