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ISPE Young Professionals

Wednesday 03 December 2014

The inaugural meeting of the Irish Affiliate ISPE Young Professionals committee was held in Cork on 27th November.  DPS’s Ross Slevin was appointed the secretary of the newly formed committee.

The overall purpose of the YP (Young Professionals) ISPE is to not only create a welcoming environment for young professionals in industry, but to create opportunities to network with peers, mentors and other professionals. Whether young engineers are just starting out or making a career change, they will find resources that will enhance their value in the marketplace, help gain fundamental skills and advanced knowledge about the industry.

The YP ISPE committee has 4 main goals for the 2015:

  • Establishment of YP Committee that will create a versatile and reliable team that can support the development of the society in all areas of industry.
  • Build network of YPs in Ireland that can mentor their fellow colleagues and provide advice and knowledge to those that are looking for guidance in developing their careers.
  • Develop an understanding of the needs of Young Professionals in all areas of the industry, ranging from a junior engineer in the first 2 years of their career to the well-seasoned senior engineer, and the trials and tribulations involved in developing their career.
  • Organise YP focused events that are both entertaining and engaging, and help in the personnel, social and academic development of its members.

The meeting  established the structure of the committee and the mission statement that will guide the committee in the coming months.


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