Janssen Biologics Leiden Safety Award

25 September 2015

SPOF-E (Single Point of Failure – Electrical) Project

The purpose of the project is to remove electrical Single Points of Failure for high-impact systems at the Janssen production facilities in Leiden. The project is executed in three phases in order of highest priority. The project scope included:

  • Provision of a new diesel generator and low voltage modifications to create a redundant (back-up) power supply for the main production building;
  • Provide redundancy by alternative power supply for the production vacuum pumps;
  • Provide redundancy by alternative power supply for the production WFI pumps;
  • Provide alternative power supplies for the QC sample freezers and incubators;
  • Removal of several stand-alone UPS systems and provide power supply from a new N+1 UPS system for critical process and building monitoring systems;
  • Provide lightning and over-voltage surge protection on all systems.

DPS delivered a full Design & Build scope with its construction partner Elektravon. DPS’ engineering scope included Basic Design, Detailed Design, Construction Management and Commissioning of the installations including final handover and electrical maintenance team training.

Challenges / Achievements

  • All modifications to the existing power supplies were installed in a live facility operating 24-7;
  • No unplanned interruptions to production during project implementation;
  • Safety was of paramount concern with works in proximity to live systems – project was completed with zero accidents;
  • Project executed as a design-build model with DPS procuring all sub-contracts and equipment.

Construction Safety Award

Safety is one of Janssen Biologics BV, Elektravon and DPS highest priorities on every project and therefore, we wanted to express our appreciation to our construction partner for a zero accident construction effort for Phase 2 of the project. To achieve the highest possible safety conditions and awareness the team implemented an improved Last Minute Risk Assessment system to support a more active assess of the actual work conditions at the construction site. In addition the team added higher standards regarding Personal Protective Equipment to further improve the working safety conditions.

Monday morning the 7th of September 2015 the safety award was presented to the construction team of Elektravon. The team members were recognised for their outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • On-site safety awareness
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Communication and clear instructions
  • Feedback during Toolbox meetings

We thank Gerrit Blankenspoor and Sebastiaan Vijfwinkel from Elektravon for their excellent work contribution in order to meet our high safety standards.

Safety Statistics for SPOF project

Phase 1: Approximately 2.300 manhours, zero accidents.

Phase 2: Approximately 2.950 manhours, zero accidents.

Pictured Above

Photo 1: LtR Gerrit Blankenspoor (Elektravon) and Martijn Timmer (DPS)

Photo 2: LtR Martijn Timmer (DPS) Sebastiaan Vijfwinkel and Mike van Eeghem (Elektravon)