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Proven value added

• 100% collaboration and engagement between all stakeholders

• Close relationship with subcontractors/ suppliers

• Real time reporting constraint tracking: Project Performance Complete (PPC)

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The Last Planner® is a production planning system designed to produce predictable work flow and rapid learning in the programming, design, construction and commissioning of projects. DPS’ Lean Construction Last Planner® Team are highly skilled and experienced in implementing Last Planner® on a number of projects to date. We listen, therefore we can implement a tailor made solution to suit any construction project.

Process / Support Systems

• Produce predictable workflow
• Reliable activity tracking
• Eliminate waste
• Shorten project delivery
• Greater utilisation of resources
• Produce rapid learning
• Create commitments among project participants
• Build trust and relationships among all stakeholders

Applications: Why use the Last Planner® System?

• Developed by the Lean Construction Institute (LCI)
• Scheduling is used as a tool on every large project
• Lost time - people cannot execute the work as scheduled
• Historically the accuracy of the scheduling process has been about 50%
• DPS have improved scheduling accuracy to greater than 90% when implemented fully by our trained personnel
• LPS is proactive rather than reactive

Benefits over other service providers

• Member of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI)
• Lean Six Sigma Certified
• Highly skilled, experienced team
• Real time reporting constraint tracking
• Tailor made implementation – We listen
• Holistic Lean development approach
• Proven success rate

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