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Andrew Curtin, Senior Recruitment Specialist

Where did you graduate from and what attracted you to DPS?

In 2009, I obtained a degree in Construction Management and Engineering followed by a Master’s in Business Management, both from the University of Limerick. In 2013, I joined DPS. The main attraction for me was the opportunity to be a part of a specialist engineering consultancy providing first-class services to all our clients.

What have you learned since joining DPS?

I have gained a significant amount of industry knowledge and expertise within the bio-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sectors. My recruitment skills have continued to develop through sourcing individual client hires in addition to delivering specialist teams for high-tech industry projects. My commercial awareness has also improved.

What type of projects have you been working on at DPS?

I’ve worked on a series of recruitment projects spanning the pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, identifying key resources for DPS client sites.  

What do you enjoy most about working at DPS?

DPS has a friendly and positive culture. I continuously receive strong support from senior management to help me develop my career. DPS also has a strong CPD [Continuous Professional Development] programme allowing employees to develop their skills professionally and personally.

Where do you see your career going with DPS?

I see myself having a long and successful career with DPS, consistently developing as a senior recruiter with the end-goal of progressing to a senior management position.

What advice would you have for current graduates?

Attend as many career open days and company university presentations as possible to gain an understanding of potential employers so you can make more informed decisions. Plan out a career road map, focusing on long-term aspirations rather than initial salary packages. By concentrating on overall career objectives and acquiring skills and experience, increased remuneration will follow organically.

What advice would you have for other experienced engineers?

Ensure your CV is accurate and clear and tailored towards the specific project requirements. Hiring managers respond to relevant information. Create an interview plan which strategically highlights your most applicable skills. Targeted interview examples will emphasise your ability to deliver on the project at hand.

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