GSK, Relocation of CLS & ARD Functions

This feasibility aims to move R&D activities (CLS & ARD) from multiple buildings into one integrated R&D building in Rixensart.

Location: Belgium

About This Project

The GSK RX395 project foresees the move of the current CLS & ARD functions from multiple buildings to RX77 building where all laboratory based R&D activities will be consolidated into one building on the Rixensart campus.

This relocation will provide the future infrastructure for R&D activities currently performed within facilities which are intended to be decommissioned in the years to come. The functions that will be combined are:

  1. Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) activities
  2. Analytical Research and Development (ARD) activities 

DPS is currently assessing several options and laboratory lay-outs to determine the client preferred option for the new laboratory. The preferred option will be further developed in Conceptual. The Front End Study (FES) includes a market survey to compare several lay-outs and work flows to define the best fit for purpose and estimate the required level of investment.

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