Pfizer, Vaccine Cell 2

The project includes the construction of a new vaccine fill finish facility at Pfizer Puurs.

Location: Belgium

About This Project

The new vaccine cell is built adjacent to the existing vaccine facility.  This new vaccine cell contains a production level at ground floor, interstitial technical area (above the clean room ceiling) and technical area’s. 

Process / Support Systems

DPS supplied engineering services for the clean and black utilities, generation storage and distribution. Our services covered, concept design, preliminary design, detailed design, procurement, construction management and verification.

The construction schedule was based on a fast track execution, starting construction in June 2019 (building ready for installation of utilities) and completing PQ of the WFI distribution system in July 2020.

From construction up to end of verification our team was based on site at Pfizer Puurs and they remained on site throughout the covid 19 crisis while adapting and implementing new measures to assure safety regarding hygiene and social distancing.

The following systems/equipment were managed by us: RO-CEDI units, WFI distiller, clean steam generator, WFI storage and distribution, PW storage and distribution, clean air distribution, liquid nitrogen storage and distribution, vents, drains, black steam distribution, chilled water distribution, glycol water chillers and distribution, city water distribution, hot water distribution, softened water distribution, rain water distribution.

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