Sanofi, Clean Utilities Expansion

Construction Supervision & ad-hoc home office support engineering for Sanofi, Geel.

Location: Belgium

About This Project

  • The Project Objective #1 is to provide Construction Management services on-site at Sanofi Geel to finalise the construction of the items in scope in a safe, timely and cost-effective way.
  • The Project Objective #2 is to provide discipline support services, procurement services and expediting services as needed.
  • The Project Objective #3 is to provide general Project Management services to coordinate all of the above with the client’s representatives.

Process / Support Systems

Sanofi construction & commissioning support systems.

Facility features

  • Brown field
  • Adaptation of ROW water loops
  • Installation of a WFI Vapour Compression Still
  • additional information covered by NDA
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