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Spatial Services

High Definition 3D Laser Scanning

To improve something you need to be able to measure it. One of our advances is the use of 3D laser scanning to vastly improve the information we collect before we make decisions. This enables us answer more complex questions and deliver a better service.  

3D laser scanning makes it possible to rapidly survey inaccessible surfaces or complex geometrical details. It works by bouncing a laser off a surface and uses the reflected laser to collect 3-dimensional (3D) data, forming a dense cloud of points to represent the surface. We are then able to view the surface in greyscale, in colour or photo realistically from a digital camera. As with all survey data, the point cloud can be matched seamlessly with topographical survey plans, elevations and sections.

Benefits of laser scanning :


  • No need for access platforms for remote or elevated details
  • Non-invasive technology to survey hazardous environments
  • Fast turnaround where access time is restricted (e.g. live facilities, contaminated areas, live motorways, etc)

Cost savings

  • Minimises site visits
  • 3D allows better identification of potential design issues and clash avoidance
  • Ability to use data set for multiple requirements
  • Highly accurate plans for retro fitting design work, avoiding on-site alterations and clashes
  • A reduction in re-work and ‘fit-up’ problems

Value added datasets

  • Fewer site visits needed plus capture of valuable additional information
  • Data can be used to validate other forms of survey quickly and efficiently
  • High quality images, animations and visualisations can be used in reports and presentations
  • Changes in the site can be accurately archived